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  • What type of work do you do?
    Video: Tv spots, product samples, "Who we are" videos, website promos, real estate walkthroughs and weddings. Photography: Real estate photography, weddings, product photography and portraits.
  • How do I discuss a project with you?
    The fastest way is to fill out the message box in the contact page and we will respond to you by the end of day.
  • How does pricing work?
    Every video is different and has its own level of complexity. Pricing depends on what is needed to achieve your vision. Gear, day rates, crew and editing are all included within the total price which is discussed before the shoot begins. Below are the approximate prices for different categories. Business "Who We Are" videos $1,400 TV Spots $3,000 (network fees included) Weddings $4,000 $199-299 for real estate photography. All non-profits receive a 20% discount upon completion.
  • How long does the process take?
    On average 1-2 weeks. Once we decide on an idea, Pyles of Media begins storyboarding and sends that for approval. We agree on a date and time. The shoot itself can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Editing begins immediately after the shoot. Real estate photography has a one day turnaround. Wedding videos have a guaranteed two week turnaround.
  • Do you provide wedding photography?
    Yes, we provide both video production and photography for weddings.
  • Do you work outside of Florida?
    Yes. Pyles of Media has done work in several states and in multiple countries. Travel, lodging, transportation and food will be discussed in early meetings and will be included in the final invoice. We have worked in Colorado, Utah, Indiana, Guatemala, Peru, Chile and multiple countries in Africa
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