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Pyles of Media is a video production company that specializes in weddings, real estate, brand videos, marketing and product advertisements. Whether it's for your website or on TV, Pyles of Media has got you covered!

Meet the team

Christian Pyles, Pyles of Media

Christian Pyles

Videographer | Editor | Sales

From a young age, Christian has been obsessed with watching movies and one day he decided he wanted to make some of his own. He got a little distracted and accidentally started a video production company.

With over a thousand videos under his belt, Christian is always looking for the next challenging project that will teach him something new, while still in pursuit of leaving the marketing world behind in order to work on his passion projects.

Daniel Brown, Pyles of Media

Daniel Brown

Photographer | Videographer | Editor

Working in the live production world for ten years, Daniel found a love for cameras and photography. Specializing in portraits, Daniel is always looking for the next project to try a new technique on.

In his free time, he is spending time with his wife, Liz, and dog, Louie.

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